Missouri Weekly Cattle Auction Summary

Archived Report


Total Run: 31,699

Market Notes

Compared to last week, feeder steers and heifers sold steady to 5.00 higher, gaining back some of last week’s losses. Spring officially arrived and weather conditions around the state felt very spring like with temperatures climbing into the mid 70’s. The first good tint of green in showing now, even if a lot of that early green happens to be onions or henbit. The supply of feeders was moderate with very few true yearlings which is typical for the season. Demand was moderate with those most suitable for grazing and quick weight gain seeing the best demand. Market fundamentals continue to be over shadowed by other factors mainly the unrest abroad. Analyst point too several factors all suggesting livestock markets should be at higher levels if the volatility from other sectors, due to the global uncertainty, weren’t present. Boxed beef cutout values are slowly adding some value. Choice closed on Friday at 258.16, up 3.45 and select at 250.65, up 1.54 from the previous week. The volume of feedlot sales as of the Friday afternoon report was only 68K head as feedlot managers dug in trying to get more money. Live sales were reported mostly from 138.00-142.00 and dressed sales mostly 221.00-222.00 with a few up to 225.00. The Missouri Stocker Formula consist of 5695 head with a weighted average weight of 540.98 lbs. and a price value of 189.55, 2.74 higher than a week ago. The steer/heifer spread remains unusually high at thirty dollars and some cents.

Supply included: 81% Feeder Cattle (53% Steers, 0% Dairy Steers, 43% Heifers, 4% Bulls); 12% Slaughter Cattle (1% Steers, 1% Heifers, 85% Cows, 12% Bulls); 7% Replacement Cattle (7% Stock Cows, 53% Bred Cows, 7% Bred Heifers, 28% Cow-Calf Pairs, 3% Heifer Pairs, 2% Bulls). Feeder cattle supply over 600 lbs was 45%.

LIVESTOCK SUMMARY Current Week Last Reported 3/7/2022 Last Year Total Receipts: 31,699 35,470 25,914 Feeder Cattle: 25,523(80.5%) 30,443(85.8%) 21,932(84.6%) Slaughter Cattle: 3,876(12.2%) 3,474(9.8%) 2,034(7.8%) Replacement Cattle: 2,300(7.3%) 1,553(4.4%) 1,948(7.5%)

Feeder Steers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 172 211 240 $527
300-400 187 211 231 $737
400-500 180 212 231 $956
500-600 $--
600-700 $--
700-800 $--

Feeder Heifers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 150 165 181 $414
300-400 160 177 195 $620
400-500 $--
500-600 $--
600-700 $--
700-800 $--

*Approx is the middle weight of the weight group multiplied by the mid point of the high and low for the group. It's meant as a quick method to see what cattle of that weight class are bringing per head.

Cows & Bulls

Type Min Avg Max
Slaughter Bulls $73 $108 $134

Total Run