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Videos posted to various livestock related videos yesterday...


Cattle Range

Cattle Range

Are you a good 4H mom…or “that” 4H mom?

Don’t worry, you can be a good mom and be actively involved in 4H, most of them are.

How can you tell which kind of mom you are?

The national 4-H was kind enough to put up a test for you.  You’ll have one of two reactions to this Facebook post…

Which response did you have?

A) This is terrible.  Why would 4H promote something like this?  Our kids should be working with their hands not doing fidget spinners.

B) Who cares.  I hope my kids don’t want one.

If you answered A, I’m sorry, you are “that” 4H mom.

Your personal insecurity has overflowed into being an overly judgement hag regarding things that are absolutely harmless.  Your desire to show the world that your kids are better than theirs has led you down a path where you have to pretend your child doesn’t have a spare second in the entire day to play and be a kid.

Please, for the sake of us all, seek help.  This is a generational problem and you need to get that stick out of your butt before your children catch it.

If you answered B, congratulations, you’re a good mom whose kids take part of 4H.

Just stay away from that other lady and your kids will grow up to be well balanced adults.


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Bred Female Prices

Are the clubby bred female sale averages down or was it just the sale you went to?

They’re down.

The chart below is the average prices for bred females at a half dozen of the consistently largest club calf female sales.  Included in the data are results from Donors Unlimited, Griswold, Cream of the Crop, First Class Female Sale, Western Exposure, and McLemore for years we have data on each of those sales since 2007.

The red line is a weighted average that normalizes the average prices for all of the sales included.

The average prices of bred females selling in those large clubby female sales is down 25-30% from their 2014 highs.


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Update to Cattle Market Reports

You may just read the blog, but the real cattle guys use this site mainly for local auction barn reports.  

Several years ago Texas decided to stop funding them and we haven't gotten around to finding a solution until now. 

Weekly Averages

The average top and bottom classes for each class of feeder calves is calculated for the past week across the sales we have in the new system and it's posted on the right hand side of the state auction barn list...

Comparison to Other Sales

The new format for individual sale reports is quite a bit cleaner and includes a comparison of the prices at that individual auction barn to other sales held across the week before and after that sale...

More Coming Soon

You read this, you know how I works, more charts and tables and graphs than are necessary are coming once more data is collected..

I'm using Texas as a guinea pig and when we have the data collection working well for that state we'll move on to others.


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This Post is Not a Left Over

Oh boy, do I have one for you, I promise that this blog post is NOT a left over.

I know, I know.  You’re thinking all of the good blogs were posted back in February and March.  Why would I be holding on to a blog post until June if it’s so good?

Well, that’s a good question.  You see, it was on an old laptop that isn’t good at posting stuff to the internet.  You know how that works.

I didn’t get the idea for it until February but I promise it will be wordy enough.

What?  I went about the entire month of May without posting anything?  Why didn’t I post this then?

Who cares, it didn’t get posted then.  It wasn’t done yet.  Now it is.

Still don’t want to read it?


If will be at the auction barn next Tuesday if you want it.


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Top Web Sale Lots Week of 6/12/2017

Top individual sale lots of the past week...

  1. $15,500 - Bred Heifer sired by BC II SKYFALL 2812
  2. $10,000 - Bred Heifer sired by Mr HOC Broker
  3. $9,000 - Bred Heifer sired by  C&C PRIORITY 1428B EXAR
  4. $7,500 - Bred Heifer sired by EXAR DENVER 2002B
  5. $7,250 - Bred Heifer sired by The Irishman
  6. $6,500 - Bred Heifer sired by EXAR DENVER 2002B
  7. $5,900 - Bred Heifer sired by MF Rooster
  8. $5,750 - Bred Heifer sired by C & C McKinley 3000 EXAR
  9. $5,300 - Bred Heifer sired by  TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET
  10. $5,300 - Bred Heifer sired by FSF Bearcat 37Z

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Daily Web Summary 6/16/2017

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Online Sale Monitor Updates

The online sale monitor has been moved over to the new layout.  You can now find it by clicking the "View All" link under the eight cattle shown on the front page of the site.

I've also done a bit of a hack on the formatting of the cattle on the front page of the site to prevent the irregular rows that were showing up before.

Known Issues

CW is using a javascript rendering of sale information that isn't easily monitored and those sales don't show up here.

The auto-refresh DOES NOT work in Internet Explorer because of course it doesn't.


Top Web Sale Lots Week of 6/5/2017

Top individual sale lots of the past week...

  1. $10,000 - Bull sired by Getcha Some
  2. $8,000 - Bull sired by Here I Am
  3. $8,000 - Heifer sired by 577
  4. $6,500 - Heifer sired by Here I Am
  5. $6,000 - Heifer sired by 524 Gold
  6. $5,000 - Bull sired by OOO ABC
  7. $5,000 - Bull sired by Hi Ho Silver
  8. $5,000 - Heifer sired by Kudzu
  9. $4,750 - Bull sired by Quality Counts
  10. $4,750 - Bull sired by Here I Am

Final 2017 Texas Cup Standings

I like to pretend the difference between this and winning state is winning state can come down to one or two classes whereas winning this requires a year’s worth of work.

That’s not true in this, the second year of the Texas Cup.  The top three finishers were all within 33 points of each other.  Just the difference between finishing two spots differently (2nd vs 4th, 11th vs 13th, 43rd vs 45th, etc.) at either the 4H or FFA state events is 40 points.

Frankly, if one or two events handled tiebreaks differently, the results of this ranking that takes 95 events into account, could have been different.

Just making the top 100 for this list requires a lot of work.

Texas Cup Individual Rankings
  1. Lauren Lee - 5474
  2. Myles Hackstedt - 5445
  3. Wyatt Wilhelms - 5441
  4. Hunter Bean - 4776
  5. Ty Thomas - 4592
  6. Bryce Bowers - 4061
  7. Seth Jordan - 3910
  8. Ty Jordan - 3890
  9. Katie Kempen - 3777
  10. Kooper Hughes - 3553
Texas Cup Team Rankings
  1. Needville FFA - 5995
  2. Hamilton FFA - 4538
  3. Fredericksburg FFA - 4091
  4. Angleton FFA - 4045
  5. Floresville FFA - 3938
  6. Guadalupe County - 3697
  7. Wall FFA - 3536
  8. Washington County - 3534
  9. Coryell County - 3357
  10. Blanco FFA - 3208
Junior Texas Cup

  1. Avery Oliver - 1887
  2. Madison Colvin - 1777
  3. Kiersten Priddy - 1744
  4. Jordyn Davila - 1694
  5. Chet Fritsch - 1498
  6. Gunner Coburn - 1451
  7. Tate Hogan - 1441
  8. Miranda Skaggs - 1319
  9. Kolter Hughes - 1318
  10. Jenna Lindemann - 1254


Every Old Man Feeding Cows

The most true thing you'll ever see on the internet...


SSL Security

Why couldn’t you access the site yesterday?

Because you’re using Internet Explorer and my competency regarding SSL certificates is still quite low.  I’m not sure what I did to break it or what I did to fix it but somehow I applied the wrong SSL certificate to this site Sunday while trying to add it to the site.

I still don't have the site full secure, we're serving images from our secondary server and I really don't feel like buying another certificate for that one.

Why didn’t I notice?  Because I don’t use Internet Explorer…and neither should you, but that’s another story.

But ignore all that, do you need SSL for your site?

Typically, no.  Not unless people login to your site.

But it’s something Google recommends and most professional designers already do it.

Most online sale companies already do it as well.  The ones that don’t have HTTPS for their entire site at least have it for the portions where you need to send login information over the internet.

Why does it matter to you as a browser of websites?

This explanation from Reddit is a relatively good one…

You want to pass a note from you all the way across the room to Suzy. Normally, you just pass the note and say "get it to suzy" and the kids in the room will keep pushing it towards her until she gets it. The problem is, the teacher or anyone who gets the note can just open it up and read it.

SSL is a type of certificate used to make sure the contents of a packet (note) don't get read. It's like putting your note in a lockbox and you've given Suzy the key ahead of time. She's the only one who can see what's in the box, because she has the key (the SSL certificate). HTTPS is an altered version of the HTTP protocol which makes sure whoever tries to open the box has the key. If anyone tries to read the note and they don't have the key, all they'll see is garbled (encrypted) data, which will most likely just look like random characters. it's like they took the box and just tried smashing it on the floor, but it ripped the note apart in the process.

Long story short, there are only three things a person such as yourself needs to worry about regarding SSL…

  1. If you just have a simple website with a few cattle listed, don’t worry too much about SSL security for your site.
  2. If you are logging in to bid in a sale or post in a forum, you should expect the site url to show HTTPS and not HTTP.  If not, you should ask why.
  3. If you are browsing on a public network, it's a lot more important.


The Two Reactions to Dead Beats…

If a friend owes somebody else money…

They’ve fallen on hard times, we all do.  You just have to give them more time.  Don’t judge others lest you be judged.

If somebody owes you money…

That *** **** son of a ***** ****ing stiffed me for a steer.  I was trying to help that ******* out with a payment plan and the ****** ****** won’t even return my calls.  I don’t give a **** if they’re having issues, they ****ing stole from me and don’t deserve a **** big of sympathy.  


Top Web Sale Lots Week of 5/29/2017

Top individual sale lots of the past week...

  1. $29,250 - Heifer sired by Mr. V8 380/6
  2. $29,250 - Heifer sired by Mr. V8 458/7 Noble
  3. $27,750 - Heifer sired by Mr. V8 85/7
  4. $24,000 - Heifer sired by Mr. V8 830/6
  5. $18,000 - Heifer sired by Mr. V8 458/7 Noble
  6. $15,500 - Heifer sired by Master Plan
  7. $8,500 - Heifer sired by Man Among Boys
  8. $7,500 - Bull sired by Shamoo
  9. $6,000 - Steer sired by Monopoly
  10. $6,000 - Heifer sired by American Legacy


Semen vs Sexed Semen Avg Price

This chart is the average individual straw price of the 5,000+ lots of semen and 500+ lots of sexed semen we have a record of selling online since 2012.

Straws of Dameron First Class and 6 other lots that sold for $1,000+ per straw were removed.


Savage County Show

You don't post these kinds of updates in hopes of getting people to pay.

The show that posted this was in mid-January, the idea people will pay at this point is pretty silly.

You post this kind of stuff so people will pay next year and more shows should have the guts to do it...

I'm no Dave Ramsey fan but by gosh, don't bid at a damn livestock show auction if you don't have the money to pay that day.  

Business having trouble?  Don't bid.

Trust me, kids will get to learn what it's like doing business with you dead beats soon enough.  


Adjusted Weaning Weight Calculator

Still porting stuff over from the old layout but here is a much more mobile friendly version of an old tool on the site...

Adjusted Weaning Weight Calculator

2 Data now on

As part of the update to, I've moved the information previously hosted on to this site.

You can find it by going to or by going to and clicking Tools > Major Show Weight Breaks in the top navigation.


Top Web Sale Lots Week of 5/22/2017

Top individual sale lots of the past week...

  1. $22,500 - Bull sired by Fu Man Chu
  2. $12,500 - Bull sired by In God We Trust
  3. $4,500 - Bull sired by Monopoly 7
  4. $4,050 - Bull sired by Hawkeye
  5. $3,750 - Heifer sired by Loaded for Bear
  6. $2,750 - Heifer sired by In God We Trust
  7. $2,750 - Bull sired by Huff and Puff
  8. $2,500 - Bull sired by Monopoly 7
  9. $2,500 - Bull sired by Monopoly 4
  10. $2,400 - Bull sired by Not Sure


Bull Offspring Sales by Year

I've added a chart to the bull info pages for bulls that we have at least 200 head of offspring online sale records.

It can be found on the bottom of their bull info pages.

Here's the chart for Heat Wave...


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