Missouri Weekly Cattle Auction Summary

Archived Report


Total Run: 38,642

Market Notes

Compared to last week, feeders under 750 lbs. sold 5.00 to 10.00 higher, with several lighter featherweights seeing spots extremely higher on grazing type calves. Heavier weights over 750 lbs. sold mostly steady to 3.00 higher although, there was a touch of weakness noted at times this week. The supply of feeders was moderate and demand is good to very good. As always this time of year orders for summer grazers are abundant and those types seeing the best demand. Prices on those types of calves has been very good making some people question what even is high any more. This was evidenced by a few 600-650 lb. steers that got very close or just slightly broke the 200.00 mark this week. That is by no means where the bulk of the trade is, for those prices calves have to be in the perfect condition and have all the paperwork available but none the less it was shown as possible. Heavier weight cattle are seeing some pressure as feedlots are said to be packed full currently and putting those weights on grass just doesn’t pencil out well. Slaughter volume has been running at a good clip which is good for the markets so that backups of cattle don’t occur. Last week was the biggest week of the year so far with the estimated weekly slaughter at 663,000 head. Feedlot volume for negotiated sales totaled 98,691 head with the weighted average live price of 142.29 and dressed sales averaged 226.04. Boxed beef cutouts continue to suffer from the seasonal decline which doesn’t normally flip till grilling season. Choice closed on Friday at 265.85, down 8.67 and select at 262.63, down 5.20. The Missouri Stocker Formula consist of 7073 head with a weighted average weight of 548.64 lbs. and a price value of 193.67, up 4.30 compared to last week.

Supply included: 86% Feeder Cattle (55% Steers, 43% Heifers, 2% Bulls); 9% Slaughter Cattle (1% Steers, 1% Heifers, 84% Cows, 14% Bulls); 5% Replacement Cattle (5% Stock Cows, 64% Bred Cows, 13% Bred Heifers, 16% Cow-Calf Pairs, 0% Heifer Pairs, 2% Bulls). Feeder cattle supply over 600 lbs was 52%.

LIVESTOCK SUMMARY Current Week Last Reported 2/7/2022 Last Year Total Receipts: 38,642 21,898 1,388 Feeder Cattle: 33,241(86.0%) 16,402(74.9%) 212(15.3%) Slaughter Cattle: 3,303(8.5%) 2,387(10.9%) 190(13.7%) Replacement Cattle: 2,098(5.4%) 3,109(14.2%) 986(71.0%)

Feeder Steers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 192 201 212 $501
300-400 183 216 240 $754
400-500 180 213 239 $959
500-600 $--
600-700 $--
700-800 $--

Feeder Heifers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 167 175 176 $436
300-400 157 181 200 $633
400-500 150 179 197 $806
500-600 $--
600-700 $--
700-800 $--

*Approx is the middle weight of the weight group multiplied by the mid point of the high and low for the group. It's meant as a quick method to see what cattle of that weight class are bringing per head.

Cows & Bulls

Type Min Avg Max
Slaughter Bulls $75 $100 $111

Total Run