North Dakota Weekly Cattle Auction Summary

Archived Report


Total Run: 7,725

Market Notes

Compared to two weeks ago: Feeder steers and heifers 5.00 to 10.00 lower. . Demand mostly moderate this week as the downward trend in the futures contracts continued again this week. Cattle producers are extremely uncertain of how to proceed as the corn market has shot straight up and April Live Cattle collapsed. Yearling operators are still wanting, and needing to, get their light cattle bought which is keeping demand for that class of cattle much higher than those that have to go to finishing yards. This unexpected down turn in the market caught everyone flat footed as we are entering the time of year where the fat market posts it highs for the year. Cattle feeders still want to have cattle to feed and market for these coming months, but now with feed cost rising to a level where the cost of gain per lbs will exceed what the futures is predicting the fat market will be they are asking themselves how much can they really afford to risk? Auction receipts remain large as cattle producers need to sell last year’s calves as this year’s are starting to hit the ground. Feed cost affect all cattle producers and rising corn price affects their decisions as well.

Supply included: 100% Feeder Cattle (47% Steers, 0% Dairy Steers, 53% Heifers, 0% Bulls). Feeder cattle supply over 600 lbs was 74%.

LIVESTOCK SUMMARY Current Week Last Reported 2/21/2022 Last Year Total Receipts: 7,725 11,565 13,016 Feeder Cattle: 7,725(100.0%) 11,565(100.0%) 13,016(100.0%)

Feeder Steers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 $--
300-400 200 204 210 $715
400-500 194 224 232.5 $1,007
500-600 188 202 219 $1,109
600-700 151.5 181 197.25 $1,174
700-800 147 165 177 $1,239

Feeder Heifers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 $--
300-400 170 186 195 $652
400-500 163 184 195 $826
500-600 151 172 181.5 $946
600-700 129 157 173 $1,017
700-800 $--

*Approx is the middle weight of the weight group multiplied by the mid point of the high and low for the group. It's meant as a quick method to see what cattle of that weight class are bringing per head.

Cows & Bulls

Type Min Avg Max
Slaughter Bulls $ $ $

Total Run