Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction

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Total Run: 11,699

Market Notes

Compared to two weeks ago: feeder steers were generally 6.00 to 8.00 higher, heifers from 550 lbs to 749 lbs were general 6.00 to 10.00 higher, no other comparisons. A large crowd of spectators, owners, order buyers and farmer feeders were in attendance for the 24th annual WLCA sale today. Three former world champion auctioneers were actively seeking bids from interested buyers. Good to moderate demand for this large selection of high quality cattle in today's auction. Fall calves both weaned and unweaned, yearlings off grass or out of the growyards, along with replacement heifers gave the buyers plenty of opportunity to obtain cattle. Lots of interest in all classes, but the best demand was for the lighter fleshed cattle coming off grass. Flesh condition ranged from light fleshed to moderate plus flesh condition cattle. Several long strings of reputation cattle offered buyers the opportunity to purchase multiple loads of one owner cattle. Up to 12 loads offered in one sort. There were plenty of packages and part loads available if buyers wanted to put loads together; overall a fairly active market on all classes today. The next feeder cattle is June 18th.

Supply included: 100% Feeder Cattle (63% Steers, 37% Heifers). Feeder cattle supply over 600 lbs was 82%. AUCTION This Week Last Reported 5/21/2021 Last Year Total Receipts: 11,699 6,550 8,955 Feeder Cattle: 11,699(100.0%) 6,550(100.0%) 8,955(100.0%)

Feeder Steers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 $--
300-400 $--
400-500 188 192 196 $864
500-600 166 180 193 $989
600-700 $--
700-800 $--

Feeder Heifers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 $--
300-400 161 169 172 $591
400-500 153 164 169 $739
500-600 144.5 157 163 $863
600-700 134 151 160.5 $980
700-800 $--

*Approx is the middle weight of the weight group multiplied by the mid point of the high and low for the group. It's meant as a quick method to see what cattle of that weight class are bringing per head.

Cows & Bulls

Type Min Avg Max
Slaughter Bulls $ $ $

Total Run

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Ft. Pierre, South Dakota