Schurrtop Supreme

Schurrtop Supreme

General Info

Breed: Angus
Born: 2/21/1993 (31 yrs)
Registration: #12006275


A A R New Trend
V D A R New Trend 315
V D A R Shoshone 548
V D A R Lucy 704
Donna A A R 74
P S Power Play

Bulls Sired

Online Sale Results

We have a record of 2 offspring that have been sold in online sales since 2009.

Semen Suppliers

SEK $30

Online Sale Semen Avg.

$5 All Time (1)

Online Sexed Semen Avg.

Top Sellers

$17,000 SandPoint Cattle Co.
Cow · 8/8/2009
$3,500 Lone Oaks Farm Compl
Bred Cow · 4/30/2012
$5 Monarch Angus Disper
Semen · 10/31/2011