Day Show Cattle Live Steer Sale 2024

Friday, March 1, 2024

Information provided on this page is either collected while observing the sale, from third parties who attend the sales, or from the sale managers.  Some information is incorrect, incomplete, and lots pulled out of the sale are not known or denoted on this page.  These sale results are by no means an official sale report.

Status Lots Average
Steer 43 $12,416

Lot # Price Description Sire
016B $4,300 Steer American Business
35R $10,750 Steer Perfection
91B $13,500 Steer Yellow Ben
118P $12,500 Steer Matador
138P $6,700 Steer Not Listed
0144B $7,500 Steer Search is Over
0168B $5,100 Steer Yellow Ben
0282P $12,000 Steer Easy Out
0284B $29,000 Steer Perfection
320W $5,100 Steer Trust in me
322W $5,250 Steer Trust in Me
379B $6,000 Steer Matador
399B $8,750 Steer In God We Trust
448W $11,000 Steer Matador
453W $5,100 Steer Matador
461B $9,000 Steer In God We Trust
462Y $4,800 Steer Public Enemy
471W $5,000 Steer Mr. Look
474Y $12,000 Steer Red Elephant
607W $9,200 Steer HL Business Done Right
695B $5,000 Steer In God We Trust
708W $12,000 Steer Knock Knock
782B $8,500 Steer American Business
847Y $11,000 Steer American Ranger
868B $19,500 Steer Search is Over
890B $6,000 Steer HL Business Done Right
915B $10,500 Steer Matador
960B $5,700 Steer HL Business Done Right
973B $19,000 Steer Matador
3113P $40,000 Steer Matador
3145 $51,000 Steer Matador
3188B $35,000 Steer Cotton Eyed Jo
7152B $17,000 Steer Matador
7155B $10,500 Steer HL Business Done Right
7173R $5,200 Steer Perfection
8104R $5,100 Steer Perfection
8121P $34,000 Steer Matador
8271P $13,500 Steer Cotton Eyed Jo
8293B $7,500 Steer In God We Trust
8311W $6,200 Steer Something Else
9156W $8,400 Steer Texas Two Step
9159B $7,250 Steer In God We Trust


1,170 Steers sired by similar bulls averaged $8,853 between 3/3/2023 and 2/27/2024