Missouri Weekly Cattle Auction Summary

Archived Report


Total Run: 23,992

Market Notes

Compared to last week, feeders under 700 lbs. sold mostly 2.00 to 7.00 lower with some instances of 10.00 lower, heavier weights sold steady to 3.00 lower. The supply of feeders was much lighter this week, only slightly more than half of last week. Record breaking heat across the state kept movement of livestock limited as the heat was quite dangerous and made transporting cattle quite challenging. Haying was in full swing around the state, although there were a few spots in north Missouri that received some pop up type of storms most had no worries of rains. Although not at all official, various conversations from many parts of the state seem to point to hay yields twenty-five to thirty percent less than last year. Parts of about 10 counties in the south central part of the state have reappeared on the drought monitor. Boxed beef cutouts were lower for the week, choice closed at 266.26, down 5.06 and select at 246.53, down 2.36 compared to last Friday. As of Friday afternoon negotiated feedlot sales totaled 105K head. A large spread has developed from the south to the north on live sales with a range mostly 136.00 to 145.00, although not the bulk of the sales but a few live sales late in the week in the north were reported up to 148.00. Dressed sales were reported at mostly 230.00 this week. The Missouri Stocker Formula consists of 4765 head with a weighted average weight of 548.34 lbs. and a price value of 183.30, 6.30 lower than last week. The steer/heifer spread is 23.98.

Supply included: 83% Feeder Cattle (55% Steers, 0% Dairy Steers, 41% Heifers, 4% Bulls); 12% Slaughter Cattle (3% Steers, 1% Heifers, 88% Cows, 9% Bulls); 4% Replacement Cattle (14% Stock Cows, 61% Bred Cows, 6% Bred Heifers, 18% Cow-Calf Pairs, 1% Bulls). Feeder cattle supply over 600 lbs was 44%.

LIVESTOCK SUMMARY Current Week Last Reported 6/6/2022 Last Year Total Receipts: 23,992 43,695 21,664 Feeder Cattle: 19,985(83.3%) 37,995(87.0%) 17,994(83.1%) Slaughter Cattle: 2,981(12.4%) 4,930(11.3%) 2,178(10.1%) Replacement Cattle: 1,026(4.3%) 770(1.8%) 1,492(6.9%)

Feeder Steers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 $--
300-400 189 212 220 $742
400-500 $--
500-600 $--
600-700 $--
700-800 $--

Feeder Heifers

Weight Min Avg Max Approx*
200-300 162 162 0.0000 $405
300-400 154 177 190 $618
400-500 145.5 178 201 $801
500-600 $--
600-700 $--
700-800 $--

*Approx is the middle weight of the weight group multiplied by the mid point of the high and low for the group. It's meant as a quick method to see what cattle of that weight class are bringing per head.

Cows & Bulls

Type Min Avg Max
Slaughter Bulls $78 $113 $136

Total Run