Prolapse Repair Kit

We had our first prolapsed female since I was in high school (just about twelve years) yesterday.  All things considered, that’s a lot of luck considering the fact we’ve run between 100 and 200 cows a year during that period.  This one was pretty much our fault for letting a low growth heifer at the tail end of the 08 fall calf crop get bred with her older contemporaries instead of being held back.

While we didn’t fix it ourselves it got me thinking of the most sadistic tool I see at the local Walco every time I go in, a preparturient (that’s vet for pre-birth) prolapse repair kit.  Here’s an example of one from ButlerSchein Animal Health

WARNING – If you are looking for a prolapse repair kit in Google, use regular Google search, DO NOT USE IMAGE SEARCH.

Did you know people can have a prolapsed rectum?  Well, now I do too and I know what it looks like.

To use it you stick that needle like thing and the large washer into the uterus you just shoved back into the cow.  You take the needle and jam it through the uterus, up through the back of the cow and secure it there with the washer and the other clip.  I may sound like a naive kid but that just makes my stomach turn.

For comparison, here’s my postparturiant prolapse kit…

It’s a Motorola Droid.

It gets reception at the pens.

The veterinarian who doesn’t mind ranch visits is under “Deason ”.