San Antonio


Do you know which of the three huge Texas majors doesn’t get complaints about their judge being too fast or not qualified to judge the show they’re at?

San Antonio.

That’s not an accident.  The men who make the decision on who judges the show take that job seriously and you should thank them for it.


There are about a dozen levels of “big time” in the steer show world.  There’s the people in your county who think anybody who goes to a major is “big time”.  There’s people who are “dominant” because they won their county show two times.  There are “big time” show steer people who did nothing more than spend five figures on a few steers.

There’s only one family that is so dominant that they can win a Texas major and have people wonder whether they were actually TRYING to win it this year.

The Mats

How long before some enterprising show equipment company develops cattle shoes to handle the slippery conditions related to the mats?

The San Antonio Staging Lines

Yes, there will always be people that have to wait in lines when there are over 1,200-1,500 steers and tack to unload.

But you’ve literally spent more time reading this post than some people spent staging to unload on Monday.