No post today...

…just me taking a moment to whine about living on freaking Grand Theft Auto map since Saturday.

There's been a min-crime wave in San Antonio during that time.  Evidently, I’ve been following the criminal gang responsible for it around northern San Antonio the past few days.

They finally arrested them so you guys don't have to worry about it next week…

Saturday - Driving from working on little league fields to our house under construction.  Why is there police tape all over the community mailboxes?

These guys shot the mail carrier an hour earlier.

Monday - Getting my mail at the Spring Branch Post Office.  Why are there police all over the place?

These guys were on a high-speed chase shooting at police in that same area less than ten minutes before.

Tuesday - Taking my son down to batting cages by the airport.  Why are there helicopters all over the place?

Because these guys were escaping from police at the mall two miles away.