Major Show Websites and Mobile Friendliness

It’s an extremely common situation to be in.  You’re at a stock show, you don’t have access to a PC, and you need to check something on the show website.  

Did the show pay attention to enough detail to make sure their site is mobile friendly?

I ran about a dozen of the larger stock shows in the country through the Google mobile tool to see if they do and the results are below.

Any web designer that a major stock show should hire should know how to setup to display properly on mobile devices.  Check any decent designer and they'll easily pass.  

This site ( doesn't pass mainly because I'm lazy and really need to get around to updating the layout.

The table below includes the results for shows after I ran their sites through the Google mobile tool.

The result?  The vast majority of major shows ARE up to speed...

Show Mobile Friendly? Issues Viewport Text Size Clickable Elements Content Width
Houston Yes 0
National Western Yes 0
Austin Yes 0
San Angelo Yes 0
Iowa State Fair Yes 0
Oklahoma Youth Expo Yes 0
Arizona State Fair Yes 0
Iowa Beef Expo Yes 0
American Royal No 2 X X
Fort Worth No 4 X X X X

The Google tools can’t check San Antonio or the NAILE because those shows block certain bot traffic for various reasons.