I'm Back

Originally there was a reason I took a two week break.  Then I lost momentum and just stopped.  

What have I been doing instead?


I managed a Little League baseball team.  It took a whopping two games before I got into a rivalry because I’m still too stupid to realize you don’t correct certain people even when they’re completely wrong.  We finished in second with five wins, two ties, and one loss to the league champs.

No, I don’t drive Uber anymore.

I drove for Uber a total of about five nights last year.  What did I learn from it?  It’s possible to make user interfaces a lot more seamless than I though.  Also, I tip my Uber driver when I use them now because that’s the only actual money they’re actually making.

We launched apps.

I had been asked perhaps a dozen times if we had an app version of our judging score calculator.  Then I had one made, told people, and found out nobody has room on their phones.

Went to Disney

First time, probably only time.  When we went to dinner on the last night and I thought “hey, it’s only $130 for dinner tonight, that’s cheap” I realized it was time to get out of there.

Not Much Chess

I'm fairly certain we're done with the intense chess stuff.  The kiddos reached the point where the law of diminishing returns really kicks in and a good way to lose a client is to forget to show up to a lesson they're paying your $100 for.

Regardless, the point is the blog will have one post every day of the week this year.  I promise that and I just might keep that promise this time.