Monday, November 30, 2020

Information provided on this page is either collected while observing the sale, from third parties who attend the sales, or from the sale managers.  Some information is incorrect, incomplete, and lots pulled out of the sale are not known or denoted on this page.  These sale results are by no means an official sale report.

Status Lots Average
Bred Heifer 12 $1,792

Lot # Price Description Sire
1 $1,700 Bred Heifer Fu Man Chu
2 $1,500 Bred Heifer Daddys Money
3 $2,000 Bred Heifer SAV Brillance
4 $2,000 Bred Heifer LLW Card Bud Light
5 $1,500 Bred Heifer LLW Card Bud Light
6 $2,000 Bred Heifer LLW Card Bud Light
7 $1,500 Bred Heifer LLSF Pays to Believe
8 $1,800 Bred Heifer SULL Red Sensation 6554D
9 $2,600 Bred Heifer Data Bank
10 $1,500 Bred Heifer S and R Roundtable J328
11 $1,500 Bred Heifer LLW Card Bud Light
12 $1,900 Bred Heifer Minn Hybrid


37 Bred Heifers sired by similar bulls averaged $4,180 between 12/7/2019 and 8/18/2020