Ideal Video Production's Customer Appreciation Sale 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Information provided on this page is either collected while observing the sale, from third parties who attend the sales, or from the sale managers.  Some information is incorrect, incomplete, and lots pulled out of the sale are not known or denoted on this page.  These sale results are by no means an official sale report.

Status Lots Average
Embryo 40 $813
Semen 10 $550
Flush 7 $7,286
Heifer 7 $10,000
Bred Cow 4 $17,875
Bred Heifer 3 $8,333
Cow 1 $45,000
Pair 1 $11,000

Lot # Price Description Sire
1a1 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1a2 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1a3 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1a4 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1a5 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1b1 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1b2 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1b3 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1b4 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1b5 $550 Semen MC Jethro 00S3
1c1 $1,100 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1c2 $1,100 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1c3 $1,100 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1c4 $1,100 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1c5 $1,100 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1d1 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1d2 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1d3 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1d4 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1d5 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1e1 $600 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1e2 $600 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1e3 $600 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1e4 $600 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1e5 $600 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1f1 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1f2 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1f3 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1f4 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1f5 $1,000 Embryo CRC LANDAU 263X2
1g1 $800 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1g2 $800 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1g3 $800 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1g4 $800 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1g5 $800 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1h1 $600 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1h2 $600 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1h3 $600 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1h4 $600 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1h5 $600 Embryo MC Onstar 924W4
1i1 $400 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1i2 $400 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1i3 $400 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1i4 $400 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1i5 $400 Embryo LTD OF BRINKS 415T28
1j1 $1,000 Embryo SUHN’S CHISHOLM 331W45
1j2 $1,000 Embryo SUHN’S CHISHOLM 331W45
1j3 $1,000 Embryo SUHN’S CHISHOLM 331W45
1j4 $1,000 Embryo SUHN’S CHISHOLM 331W45
1j5 $1,000 Embryo SUHN’S CHISHOLM 331W45
3 $18,500 Bred Cow Lead Gun of Brinks 222K14
4 $29,000 Bred Cow CSONKA OF BRINKS 30R4
5 $4,000 Bred Cow GOOD FORTUNE OF BRINKS 14H3
6 $20,000 Bred Cow SINGLETA RY OF BRINKS 675R
7 $45,000 Cow LAMBERT OF BRINKS 317R3
8 $11,000 Pair BRINKS BRIGHT SIDE 607L11*
10 $15,000 Flush CX HOME RUN 135/P
11a $6,000 Flush BRINKS BRIGHT SIDE 607L11*
11b $6,000 Flush Patton of Brinks 30T22
12 $10,000 Flush CCR Pathfinder 152W
13 $4,000 Flush Leader of Brinks 302L
14 $1,500 Flush CSONKA OF BRINKS 30R4
15 $8,500 Flush Blackhawk of Brinks 607M12
16 $7,500 Bred Heifer QCB-BBR Chattooga 289U2
17 $6,500 Bred Heifer MC Onstar 924W4
18 $11,000 Bred Heifer MC Onstar 924W4
19 $10,000 Heifer CB HOMBRE 541T3
20 $10,000 Heifer CX Home Run 135/P
21 $4,500 Heifer TR MR Red Brick 74R2
22 $11,000 Heifer MC Jethro 00S3
23 $8,500 Heifer CB HOMBRE 541T3
24 $9,000 Heifer GR Swift 209W3
25 $17,000 Heifer SF Dependence 535U24

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