Embryos on Snow 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Information provided on this page is either collected while observing the sale, from third parties who attend the sales, or from the sale managers.  Some information is incorrect, incomplete, and lots pulled out of the sale are not known or denoted on this page.  These sale results are by no means an official sale report.

Status Lots Average
Embryo 79 $2,125
Flush 1 $13,500
Pregnancy 1 $10,000

Lot # Price Description Sire
1A $900 Embryo Made Right
1B $900 Embryo Man Among Boys or Made Right
2 $3,100 Embryo HL Business Done Right
3a $1,000 Embryo Man Among Boys
3b $1,000 Embryo Man Among Boys
4 $2,700 Embryo Heat Wave
5a $1,000 Embryo Heat Wave
5b $2,200 Embryo W/C Loaded Up 1119Y
5c $1,800 Embryo Irish Whiskey or Maternal Made
6 $2,700 Embryo Man Among Boys or Walks Alone or Here I Am
7a $1,000 Embryo Here I am
7b $1,100 Embryo Heat Wave
8 $3,600 Embryo Heat Wave
9a $2,000 Embryo Monopoly
9b $1,200 Embryo W/C Loaded Up 1119Y or Maternal Made
10a $700 Embryo Smilin Bob
10b $800 Embryo Smilin Bob
11a $2,700 Embryo Monopoly
11b $2,000 Embryo W/C Loaded Up or Maternal Made
12a $3,100 Embryo Monopoly or Heat Wave
12b $1,450 Embryo Irish Whiskey or Maternal Made
13a $2,000 Embryo Monopoly
13b $2,700 Embryo Irish Whiskey or Maternal Made
14a $3,000 Embryo Monopoly
14b $2,600 Embryo Irish Whiskey or Maternal Made
15a $900 Embryo Man Among Boys
15b $1,000 Embryo Man Among Boys or Monopoly or Heat Wave
16a $1,500 Embryo Monopoly
16b $1,100 Embryo Fu Man Chu
17a $700 Embryo Fu Man Chu
17b $1,800 Embryo TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET
17c $1,050 Embryo M and M OUTSIDER 4003 PLD
18 $3,000 Embryo Monopoly
19a $1,900 Embryo Monopoly
19b $2,000 Embryo Solid Gold
20a $1,300 Embryo Dakota Gold
20b $2,400 Embryo Hi Ho Silver or I-80
21a $1,500 Embryo Monopoly
21b $2,000 Embryo TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET
22a $1,400 Embryo Monopoly
22b $1,100 Embryo Monopoly
23 $1,900 Embryo Irish Whiskey
24a $2,700 Embryo Irish Whiskey
24b $1,450 Embryo Monopoly or Mr HOC Broker
25a $2,700 Embryo Mr HOC Broker
25b $1,500 Embryo TR PZC Mr Hammer 308A
25c $1,800 Embryo WS Pilgrim H182U
26a $2,100 Embryo Silveiras Style 9303 or Mr HOC Broker
26b $1,700 Embryo Hard Drive or Daddys Money
27 $2,400 Embryo Dakota Gold
28a $2,650 Embryo Silveiras Style 9303
28b $2,450 Embryo Silveiras Style 9303
29a $2,000 Embryo Irish Whiskey or Maternal Made
29b $2,000 Embryo Silveiras Style or W/C Loaded Up
30a $1,450 Embryo I-80
30b $2,400 Embryo EXAR Classen or Silveiras Style 9303
31 $1,600 Embryo Silveiras Style 9303
32a $1,000 Embryo Irish Whiskey or Maternal Made
32b $1,050 Embryo Mr HOC Broker
32c $750 Embryo HIGG Remedy 732T
33 $1,700 Embryo Monopoly
34a $1,600 Embryo Heat Wave or Walks Alone
34b $2,300 Embryo Irish Whiskey or Loaded Up
35 $2,900 Embryo Right On or Made Right
36a $1,200 Embryo Texas Tornado
36b $1,100 Embryo Texas Tornado
37a $1,000 Embryo Monopoly
37b $950 Embryo Fu Man Chu or Man Among Boys
38 $1,200 Embryo Man Among Boys
39 $10,000 Pregnancy S&R Roundtable J328 or BC II Skyfall 2812
40a $3,500 Embryo Dameron First Class
40b $5,300 Embryo SCC First-N-Goal
41 $15,000 Embryo EXG RS First Rate S903 R3
42a $3,400 Embryo C&C Priority 1428B
42b $3,400 Embryo C&C Priority 1428B OR C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR
43a $13,500 Flush Silveiras Style 9303
43b $2,000 Embryo Dameron First Class
44a $3,000 Embryo Dameron First Class
44b $5,000 Embryo Irish Whiskey or Mr HOC Broker
45 $3,800 Embryo Dameron First Class
46a $2,000 Embryo Dameron First Class


467 Embryos sired by similar bulls averaged $904 between 1/16/2015 and 1/14/2016

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