Black Friday Simmental Special 11-23-18


Information provided on this page is either collected while observing the sale, from third parties who attend the sales, or from the sale managers.  Some information is incorrect, incomplete, and lots pulled out of the sale are not known or denoted on this page.  These sale results are by no means an official sale report.

Status Lots Average
Heifer 12 $3,329

Lot # Price Description Sire
1 $13,500 Heifer LLSF Pays to Believe ZU194
2 $6,500 Heifer VCL LKC Equity 608D
3 $3,750 Heifer MR HOC Broker
4 $1,400 Heifer MR HOC Broker
5 $1,800 Heifer VCL LKC Equity 608D
6 $1,500 Heifer LLSF URA Force D91
7 $1,500 Heifer W/C United
8 $1,300 Heifer MR HOC Broker
9 $4,500 Heifer FHEN Halftime A127
10 $1,400 Heifer Bottome Line
11 $1,300 Heifer LLSF Lockdown D181
12 $1,500 Heifer Prime Beef