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Semen averaged $25 at Falcon Seaboard Dispersal


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General Information

Breed: Angus
Born: 3/15/1997 (20 yrs)
Registration: #13026916


$ Values
Weaning Feedlot Grid Beef
33.67 32.73 7.60 32.08


  Tehama Bando 155
Bon View Bando 598  
  Bon View Dora 56
  Nichols Heavy Duty X100
Joana Erica of Conanga  
  Jarne Erica of Conanga
Sale Results

Offspring Sale Performance vs Comparable Average

Recent Top Selling Connealy Freightliner Offspring
Sale Date Lot# Description Price Comparable Price*
Trausch Farms Fabulo 2/11/2012 Bred Cow $4,700 $3,507
Rathbun Angus Mature 6/15/2013 Bred Cow $2,900 $2,702
Rathbun Angus Mature 6/15/2013 Bred Cow $2,800 $2,702
Rathbun Angus Mature 6/15/2013 Bred Cow $2,800 $2,702
Sitz Angus Spring 20 3/12/2008 Bull $2,750 $3,716
Rathbun Angus Mature 6/15/2013 Bred Cow $2,500 $2,702
Rathbun Angus Ranch 11/3/2011 Bull $2,500 $3,762
Foundation Angus All 3/8/2008 Bull $2,400 $2,618
Rathbun Angus Mature 6/15/2013 Bred Cow $2,400 $2,702
Rathbun Angus Mature 6/15/2013 Bred Cow $2,400 $2,702
*Comparable price is the price of other similar lots in the sale. For example, "Open Heifers", "Bred Heifers", "Bulls", etc.

Recent Sale Averages
Lot Type Offspring Average Sale Average
Marlow Cattle Services LLC Online Bull and Frozen Genetics Sale 2/28/17, 2/28/2017
Semen (2 of 58) $15 $58
National Western Angus Foundation Female Sale Females Forever 2015, 1/16/2015
Semen (1 of 35) $40 $202
Rathbun Angus Mature Cow Herd Dispersal 2013, 6/15/2013
Bred Cow (10 of 109) $2,510 $2,702
Trausch Farms Fabulous Female Sale 2012, 2/11/2012
Bred Cow (1 of 29) $4,700 $3,507
Heritage Cattle Co. Dispersal - Angus & Hereford 2011, 12/17/2011
Bred Cow (1 of 198) $1,000 $1,899
Rathbun Angus Ranch Annual Bull and Female Sale 2011, 11/3/2011
Bred Heifer (1 of 32) $2,200 $4,325
Bull (2 of 129) $2,300 $3,762
The Gathering at Red Bluff 2011, 5/7/2011
Bred Heifer (1 of 15) $2,000 $2,053
Sitz Angus Spring 2008 Sale, 3/12/2008
Bull (1 of 291) $2,750 $3,716
Foundation Angus Alliance, 3/8/2008
Bull (1 of 93) $2,400 $2,618

Notable Offspring

Internet Forum Buzz

  • 9/12/2011 Steer Planet - Freightliner Sons have bred well and perform well on pasture.

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