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Calf Eze Calf Puller $189.95 Jeffers Livestock
Calf Eze Calf Puller Engineered for anyone who prefers a dual action instead of a single pull instrument. Designed with 2 ratchets, where you can pull one leg then the other. It tends to walk the calf out, which is easier on the calf and cow. Uses a multiple cam and spring action similar to the Dr. Frank's Calf Puller with an easy single hand release. Comes with nylon breechen strap.
Jeffers® Double Ratchet Calf Puller $109.95 Jeffers Livestock
Jeffers® Double Ratchet Calf PullerFor difficult deliveries of large breeds. Made of heavy-duty steel. Similar to the Ratch-A-Pull by Stone. This item does not come with the OB Chain
Jeffers® Calf Head Snare $18.95 Jeffers Livestock
Jeffers® Calf Head SnareHead snare for assisting in difficult births. Adjustable OB loop with metal thimble for use with OB hook. Made of high grade, aircraft, steel cable.
Jeffers® OB Handle $4.57 Jeffers Livestock
Jeffers® OB HandleHigh quality, nickel-plated steel handle.
OB Leg Snare $3.97 Jeffers Livestock
OB Leg SnareAids in delivery of baby animals, such as lambs and kids. Designed to fit around fetlock in front or back. Made of long-lasting rubber and easy to disinfect.
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