Collegiate Livestock Judging Power Rankings


I haven't done these in a while but here's the initial 2015 power rankings

which Oklahoma State is straight up dominating...

Rank Team Rating
1 Oklahoma State University 1.765
Top Finish: 1st @ 2014 GCC
2 Colorado State University 1.663
Top Finish: 3rd @ 2015 National Western
3 Texas A&M University 1.641
Top Finish: 2nd @ 2014 GCC
4 Kansas Sate University 1.617
Top Finish: 2nd @ 2015 National Western
5 University of Arkansas 1.595
Top Finish: 2nd @ 2015 Arizona National
6 Texas Tech University 1.592
Top Finish: 4th @ 2015 National Western
7 Iowa State University 1.515
Top Finish: 6th @ 2015 National Western
8 California State- Chico 1.499
Top Finish: 4th @ 2015 Arizona National
9 Western Illinois University 1.456
Top Finish: 8th @ 2015 National Western
10 West Texas A&M University 1.441
Top Finish: 9th @ 2015 National Western

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Chaplin Cattle Online Steer Sale 1-29-15
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7 Steers avg $4,786
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Trausch Farms Online Semen Sale 1-29-15
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Recent Updates

Personal business – we’re not having a sale this year


I don’t talk a bunch about it on here but we’ve had small sale the past two years.  I think I’ve told most people that buy from us but for those I’ve missed, we’re not having our small sale this year.  I’m concerned, it’s gone just fine and we’re not ruling it out for next year.

We just have a genetic issue with too many of our steers this year; they have vaginas and are heifers.

If you’ve been to our sale, you know it’s a small deal and we actually like that.  We had a few consignors last year but we’re never going to be a big consignment type of sale, I just don’t know that we have the energy/resources to do that.  As such, if we don’t have enough steers, there’s no reason for us to have a sale.

While overall we’re about 60-65% heifers, on the top ten (the ones that matter) we’re about 7 out of 10 heifers. 

We’re selling the calves private treaty starting the week of San Antonio.

AK’s Law


As a Steerplanet thread grows longer, the probability of an off topic argument between Knabe and AJ approaches 1.

This is worth complaining about


Not one thing in this story has anything to do with cattle but the Denver Post thought it would be appropriate to use pictures of the yards and nothing but pictures of show cattle…

FBI recovers six child victims of sex trafficking during Stock Show and more

I hate “that’s the worst [insert subject] I’ve ever seen” type comments but that’s about the shoddiest reporting I’ve ever seen.

They police are targeting national events, like the Super Bowl, because that’s where their targets are.  Yet, if you just casually watch that story, the National Western is now linked to child sex trafficking.  She even starts the story off implying that the fact there are scum bags in the general public should somehow overshadow the attendance figures for the show.

It’s downright shameful journalism. 

No Excuse for Texas Major Show Silence


The kids showing their calves at your show have a right to know what they are allowed to feed.

They WANT to follow your rules.

When the kind of stories, I assume many of them false, about what you guys plan to do get out, you do have a responsibility to correct the false information.  If you don’t, your silence simply feeds the validity of false rumors.

You guys know the rumors and fears are out there, just ask your official vet that you keep pawning all of the questions off on.

If you think that your current rules are sufficient to explain your stance on feed additives like Zilmax to the people feeding calves for your show, you are wrong.

If you are going to stick to a zero tolerance policy on Zilmax in the urine, you have an absolute obligation to be able to tell your exhibitors whether a seven day (double the official withdrawal time) withdrawal will result in a positive test.

If you cannot do that, you have absolutely no business enforcing a zero tolerance rule.

These are well meaning kids that are trying to feed their calves to be competitive in your show.

They don’t deserve to be kept in the dark because you are playing a game of “CYA” with lawyers.

Top Web Sale Lots Week of 1/19/2015


Sale Reports

Top individual sale lots of the past week...

  1. $35,000 - Bull sired by EXAR COMBINATION 1750B
    Texas Angus Association Best of the West 11th Annual Bull Sale 2015 #85
  2. $30,000 - Bull sired by SITZ DASH 10277
    Texas Angus Association Best of the West 11th Annual Bull Sale 2015 #32
  3. $20,000 - Heifer sired by EXAR DENVER 2002B
    Texas Angus Association Stars of Texas Female Sale 2015 #12
  4. $20,000 - Pregnancy sired by G A R QUANAH 687L
    Texas Angus Association Stars of Texas Female Sale 2015 #3
  5. $20,000 - Pregnancy sired by BALDRIDGE WAYLON W34
    Texas Angus Association Stars of Texas Female Sale 2015 #4
  6. $20,000 - Heifer sired by Monopoly
    Sister Act Man Among Boys Online Sale 2015 #2
  7. $19,750 - Steer sired by American Idol
    Venable and Heldermon Online Steer Sale 1-20-15 #1
  8. $16,500 - Bull sired by AAR TEN X 7008 SA
    Texas Angus Association Best of the West 11th Annual Bull Sale 2015 #1
  9. $15,000 - Bull sired by GAR PROPHET
    Texas Angus Association Best of the West 11th Annual Bull Sale 2015 #87
  10. $15,000 - Bred Heifer sired by RITO 9Q13 OF RITA 5F56 GHM
    Texas Angus Association Stars of Texas Female Sale 2015 #44

Clearing Up Some of the State Fair Rumors


This post should have gone up yesterday, but at one point my Denver crud/flu got so bad I was debugging a video player with one eye closed because it was the only way to stop seeing double.

Have you noticed that I haven’t tried to do “news” on here the past two years? The insane amount of conflicting rumors regarding the State Fair of Texas and animals getting thrown out for testing positive for Zilmax is an excellent example as to why that is.  Well meaning people are throwing around numerous 'facts' from 'reliable sources' which don't jive with other, different but sometimes similar, 'facts' from 'reliable sources'.  Nor do they fit with the State Fair's official policy of not discussing drug testing disqualifications.

Instead of speculating, I decided to ask, and Daryl Real from the State Fair was kind enough to get back to me by phone on Monday.

Here's what he told me…

First, to be clear, any rumors you are hearing originated from the families involved.  When it comes to drug testing disqualifications at the State Fair, information is kept highly confidential.  The idea that any of the rumors originate from the State Fair is highly unlikely because that information is not shared with anyone except for the parents of the individual.

They do not share whether they even had disqualifications or not.

With regards to Zilmax specifically (this was in reply to a separate question from me), the State Fair adheres to a zero tolerance policy as with any drug that has an FDA withdrawal period.

The test for Zilmax at the State Fair of Texas is a urine test.

In steers, they test for urine, not hair or tissue.  In animals where Zilmax is not an approved drug, such as lambs and swine, they test more extensively.

Maxanet Style Online Sales Gross Per Year


This chart wasn’t meant to be a straight line even though a linear best fit has an r2 of .9997.

This is a chart of total gross sales for Maxanet style (BWOS, CW, Steerbidder, etc.) online sales that we’ve tracked since 2010, the first year we got fairly comprehensive data.  It’s increased by about $10.7 million a year each year since then.

The average gross per sale has remained relatively constant the past three years in the range of $49-51,000.

Top Web Sale Lots Week of 1/12/2015


Sale Reports

Top individual sale lots of the past week...

  1. $250,000 - Heifer sired by CMR GVP MR MATERNAL 156T
    Mile High Night The National Hereford Sale 2015 #7
  2. $144,000 - Heifer sired by Baldridge Waylon W3
    The 13th Annual Denim and Diamonds Angus Sale 2015 #1
  3. $120,000 - Bull sired by Dameron First Class
    National Western Stock Show Angus Bull Sale 2015 #42
  4. $120,000 - Bull sired by H/TSR/CHEZ/FULL THROTTLE
    Mile High Night The National Hereford Sale 2015 #18a
  5. $100,000 - Heifer sired by NJW 98S R117 RIBEYE 88X ET
    Mile High Night The National Hereford Sale 2015 #1
  6. $90,000 - Heifer sired by AAR TEN X 7008 SA
    Bases Loaded Elite Angus Sale 2015 #2
  7. $86,000 - Bull sired by BR CURRENCY 8144 ET
    Mile High Night The National Hereford Sale 2015 #4
  8. $80,000 - Heifer sired by Buyer's Choice
    Mile High Night The National Hereford Sale 2015 #8
  9. $72,000 - Heifer sired by RITO 9Q13 OF RITA 5F56 GHM
    Bases Loaded Elite Angus Sale 2015 #3
  10. $70,000 - Heifer sired by PVF Raindance 0126
    Hirschfeld Group Online Sale hosted by Kolt Cattle Co and RM Farms 2015 #4a

Denver Week - Here I am


Rodgers Bulls

Sire: Walks Alone

Dam: Goretska 805

"Thank You Tracy for giving us first pick of your 805 calves this spring!

We feel this bull has more to offer than any other. He is flat shouldered, good hearted, smooth built, flawless structured, great haired with a great disposition. Come see for your self today in the yards!"

Stock Shows: How whining about cheaters is worse than the cheaters


I'm about 5GB into 8GB of uploading and video transcoding for an update to our judging sites and the launch of a horse judging site.  Bull posts will start tomorrow.

While sitting around waiting while my computer was maxed out, I came across this blog post all over Facebook.  Kate Lambert rather nicely stated many of the reasons you don’t hear me talking about cheating in the show ring on here…

I used to KNOW that cheaters existed, KNOW that many of the people winning were cheating, and KNOW that the reason I was losing was because the winners were not playing by the rules.

I knew all of that right up until I knew the truth.  A few years ago, two things happened that changed my opinion on cheaters and the role they play in this business.

First, our breeding program finally started to click and we were thrown into the top of the game.  With every win, it suddenly felt like another target was drawn on my back.  I heard people whispering, saw people pointing the finger.  And it nearly broke me.  Because we had gotten where we were with honest hard work, following every rule laid out before us.  And they were still accusing.  People I thought were our friends.  People I thought knew us.  

Second, I started running a large and competitive junior show which put me within earshot all day long of the ring side conversations.   I heard parents telling each other and their kids that judges were dishonest and other exhibitors were cheating.  I heard accusations made against kids and families that I KNEW were not dishonest and were not cheating.  I heard judges bashed that I had personally selected because of their integrity.  

And then I realized.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  We make ourselves, and our kids, feel better about losing by accusing others of cheating.  

Read the full blog post HERE.

Denver Week - Cash Only


The rest of the week will be posts of bulls that will be in Herd Bull Alley this weekend.

First is Cash Only, a painted up Monopoly son from Matt Lautner, Reid Show Cattle, Broders Club Calves, and Habeger Show Stock…

See him in Ryan Habeger’s usual spot there on the corner near the entrance to the auction barn.

First Timers Guide to Denver


The chances of the National Western moving to a new facility seem to have gone away so there’s not the imperative to get up there and see the spectacle that there was a few years ago.  But you want to go.  If you’ve ever even considered it, you want to go.

It’s worth the trip, even if you don’t use any of the bulls that will be on display.

The forecast says it’s going to be 55 degrees which -speaking from experience- will be hot for the bulls that will be there.  The year it got to a big above 60 degrees a large portion of them had a ton of saliva stream from their mouths from panting.

But Jeff, if they can’t deal with even 60 degrees, how can they deal with the heat in my region in their working clothes?

I don’t think you understand what the National Western is.  Heat tolerance isn’t something that will be promoted on banners.  They’re haired bulls that have been in coolers to grow two inches of shag and they have gallons of product on them standing in the sun for several hours at a time.

What is the schedule?

Bulls are brought out throughout the day and for some of the bigger owners, certain stalls will have bulls rotated in several hour shifts.


The bulls will be about 95%.

In my opinion, Friday is the best day to go visit.  Bulls are their freshest and the crowds aren’t as big as Saturday.  I just know that we were asked more than a few times to wait until Saturday to shoot video because that was the day the bulls were going to look their best.


If everything went by design, the bulls would never look better than they do on the Saturday of Denver weekend.

The biggest crowds will be around and on a good day you’ll have to shoulder in to get a look.


There will be bulls on display that have barely even been fit.

Sunday is a relatively new part of the National Western experience.  Just a few years ago the entire herd bull alley was nothing but a pile of sawdust by noon on Sunday.  

Can I see them walk?

If you get there are the right time, yes.  The right time is when the animal is walking to and from the pens.

If I were a bull owner with a bunch of sound bulls, I’d put up a sign on my stall saying “we’re going to be at the exercise pens with our bulls at so-and-so time, please come by and see them move”.

Is semen available?  Should I bring my tank?

The answer is almost unanimously no.  The bulls on display are typically less than a year old and have been getting primed for Denver, not semen production.  Most of them will have weight taken off before they are collected.

If you are interested in a bull, there is typically a list that the owners keep where you put your name and contact information.  They’ll contact you after they have semen collected.

Can I video the bulls?

That’s a gray area at this point.  Technically I think you’re still supposed to get permission from the National Western and then Show Champions.  However, there’s no way they’re going to be able to stop social media posts.

Just don’t be a dick.  If you’re going to shoot a Vine of a bull, say “hey, mind if shoot a quick Vine of your bull?”

If they say no, move on, it’s their bull, not yours.

Should I ask questions?

Yes, it’s just like any other trade show, the guys with the bulls are there to sell you semen (well, maybe not entirely like any other trade show) and are more than happy to talk with you.

How do I go to the sales?

If you want a good seat, get there an hour or two in advance.  Otherwise, plan on standing.

Are there American bulls?

No, and it in most cases it would be an insult to ask if the owner thinks the bull has a sloppy enough sheath to produce Americans.

What does it cost?

Nothing but the cost of parking ($15-40) if you just go to the yards.  If you want to go up on the hill where they are showing cattle, you will have to pay for a badge or daily admission.

Top Web Sale Lots Week of 1/5/2015


Sale Reports

Top individual sale lots of the past week...

  1. $12,500 - Bull sired by Hard Whiskey
    Lucky Strike and Minnaert Show Cattle New Year's Blast Online Sale 2015 #B
  2. $9,000 - Heifer sired by Asset
    Lucky Strike and Minnaert Show Cattle New Year's Blast Online Sale 2015 #10
  3. $7,750 - Heifer sired by Irish Whiskey
    Lucky Strike and Minnaert Show Cattle New Year's Blast Online Sale 2015 #6
  4. $7,500 - Bull sired by I Da Man
    Lucky Strike and Minnaert Show Cattle New Year's Blast Online Sale 2015 #A
  5. $7,250 - Heifer sired by Showcase
    Lucky Strike and Minnaert Show Cattle New Year's Blast Online Sale 2015 #5
  6. $6,000 - Heifer sired by Monopoly
    Lucky Strike and Minnaert Show Cattle New Year's Blast Online Sale 2015 #1
  7. $5,750 - Heifer sired by Monopoly
    Lucky Strike and Minnaert Show Cattle New Year's Blast Online Sale 2015 #2
  8. $5,750 - Heifer sired by Hard Whiskey
    Lucky Strike and Minnaert Show Cattle New Year's Blast Online Sale 2015 #7
  9. $5,500 - Flush sired by Beckton Epic R397 K
    Reds on the Rocks Elite Red Anugs Sale 2015 #49
  10. $5,500 - Flush sired by Riggins Pri-Destined 611
    Reds on the Rocks Elite Red Anugs Sale 2015 #60

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